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In a hyper-connected world, we are always looking to create better tools to improve the way our clients work.

With the internet, they can get anything done in an instant without being physically present, so we replaced an old desktop app for an incredible proactive web assistant.


The biggest challenge was to replace this enormous desktop app our client has been using and improving for a long time to a more user friendly-unique-secure-interactive-robust and fun platform.


Step 1:

Legacy applications that have grown beyond their capabilities initially thought for, so they run with multiple bandages to keep it going. These applications turn every process slow even if you optimize everything else.

Then we analyze which product we can optimize for the first MVP with the highest impact on revenue: Credit Cards.

Step 2: 

Design our roadmap to build a new application from the ground up using both local infrastructure for security requirements and AWS services to build a serverless API. With the product in mind a full process request was design to run the following:

Enter customer information
Connect to the companies decision engine motor (diagrama de flujo)
Deliver an immediate response (clock)
Send information to relevant areas to continue the additional internal processes 

At the end the customer would have his credit card approval in minutes.

Step 3.

We develop an application to integrate every step needed to request a Credit Card but also:

  • Credit Card Cash Advance
  • Savings account
  • Car Loan
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Loan
  • Personal Loan with automatic withdrawal from salary
  • Home Loan
  • and More to come..

Step 4.

We finished by creating a memorable character, a highly efficient female robot that will guide the users through the new platform, giving tips, shortcuts, validations, step by step advice… everything an assistant can do. Once we felt in love with the character, we called her Vivi.


  1. Time reduction for product applications
  2. Automation of internal processes
  3. Lowered costs
  4. Increased product applications by day
  5. Increased revenue

All proving that if you can’t do it, then… hire an assistant