At Andes we are a family and as a family we always look out for the well-being of each one of us. Constantly ensuring personal and professional growth, as well as our physical and mental health.


Dennis Santos / CEO

Co-founder of Andes Development Honduras and Andes Dev LLC USA, has over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience and also 12 years of experience in custom software engineering with a focus on financial projects. He has gained experience by working with regional and local banks.

Ángela Vásquez / CMO

Co-founder of Andes Development Honduras with over 18 years of experience in Communication: Marketing, Advertising & Publicity coordinating the appearance of different brands across different marketing platforms.

Ibeth Vásquez / COO

Joined Andes Development more than 4 years ago as an account executive , and today is the COO. She has a major degree in business administration and has been trusted to handle the operations to effectively foster the growth of the agency.


Team of experts

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